Dear Colleagues and Partners of the Aviation Industry,

We would like to express our thanks to ACI Europe for giving Palermo Airport the privilege to host the 13th ACI Europe Regional Airport’s Conference and Exhibition, and we are extremely delighted to welcome you, for this special event, in the stunning venue of the Teatro Massimo, the third largest Opera House in Europe. The choice of the Teatro Massimo as the Conference venue, has been led by our wish to let you live and experience the heart of the historical centre of Palermo, in a walking distance mood, enjoying the beauty and the uniqueness of the ancient core of the city which still preserves the traces of the different cultures as Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans and Spanish, amongst the most important. Did you know that Palermo is deemed the most “culture mixed” (city of syncretism) city in the world and that even in their dialect, Sicilians use over 50% Latin-based words, but they also pull about 15% from the Greeks and around 6% of Arabic and other languages.

This year’s event will offer you the opportunity to combine your business experience with the sightseeing through the Unesco itinerary and sites of the city of Palermo, where some of its best Jewels will be open to ACI RACE participant ( Teatro Massimo , The Normans Palace ). Few steps from your hotels and from the event venue, you will discover arab norman style churches and contemporary museums, typical markets and also tasting the traditional street food, the local cuisine made of superb ingredients and the Sicilian delicious pastries.

In this unique atmosphere we believe you will find this RACE edition’s contents deeply interesting and appealing and we trust that your “Palermo experience” will remain memorable, as it will be surely for us with the honour of being the host airport organisation.

Since a few years, the Airport of Palermo has been targeting and reaching important goals as the traffic growth and the increasing of the international connectivity, the development of its infrastructures and the ambition to play the role of an important gateway towards Europe and the Mediterranean Area as well as the North African Area . The most recent and challenging commitment “Net Zero 2050″ we have made in Cyprus ACI Assembly, with many other airports, will lead us to a renewed common conception of the environmental sustainability of the Aviation Industry.

We’re very much looking forward to sharing this important experience with you and to seeing you very soon in Palermo.

Natale Chieppa
Managing Director
Palermo Airport

Giovanni Scalia
Chief Executive Officer
Palermo Airport