Tuesday 29 March, 2022

Welcome Address from the Host
Natale Chieppa, Managing Director, GESAP S.p.A. Aeroporto di Palermo
Giovanni Battista Scalia, Chief Executive Officer, GESAP S.p.A. Aeroporto di Palermo – DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

The Regional Airport Industry Address
Olivier Jankovec, Director General, ACI EUROPE – DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

Welcome Address from the ACI EUROPE Regional Airports’ Forum
Niall MacCarthy, Chair of the ACI EUROPE Regional Airports’ Forum & Managing Director, daa plc – Cork Airport
Steven Smith, President and CEO, Airlink – DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION
Special Address: Dr Vyacheslav Cheglatonyev, Chief Commercial Officer, Odessa International Airport – DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

Special Address: Regenerative Marketing – “The Airport and community regeneration: tourism and beyond”
Christian Sarkar, Co Founder & Eng. Enrico Foglia, Director, Regenerative Marketing Institute – DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

Joint presentation by Palermo Airport and SITA ” Emission Mngr, Pilot test PMO: How to measure and reduce the airside emissions in turnaround activities in a regional airport “
Introduction, Natale Chieppa -Managing Director, GESAP S.p.A Aeroporto di Palermo
Paolo Gandini – Prof. at the School of Civil, Environmental and Territorial Engineering of Politecnico Milan University – DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION
Christian Dana – Director Business Development Europe – Airport Operations and Sustainability, SITA – DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

Session Two: Regional Airports and remote regions competitiveness in the post COVID-19 pandemic aviation market
Defining presentation: Prof. Giovanni Ruggieri, Chairman, OTIE (Observatory on Tourism in the European Islands) – DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION
Panel discussion, moderated by Michael Stanton-Geddes, Head of Economics & Competition, ACI EUROPE – DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION
Presentation: Bruno Rampinelli Rota, Managing Director (Italia), To70 and Caterina Brigaglia, Airports Operations Manager, Olbia Airport – DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

Special presentation: ‘How to foster the landlord-retailer cooperation for a more sustainable industry’
Mélanie Guilldou, Executive Vice-President, Foodservice & CSR, Lagardère Travel Retail – DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

Session Three: Regional airports and sustainability: costs, societal pressure and niche solutions: can green be affordable and make sense for smaller airports and what specific initiatives are being pursued?
Tine Haas, Partner, Business Line Aviation, Dornier Consulting and European Representative on the World Business Partner Advisory Board – DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION


Wednesday 30 March, 2022 

Session Four: Keynote presentation: The transformation and concentration process of airlines during the COVID-19 pandemic
Prof. David Jarach, Executive Chairman, diciottofebbraio – DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

Commercial ATC market for airports: one path to better service levels and lower costs. An introduction to the recently developed ACI guidance material on liberalized ATC markets for airports
Marek Bekier, Senior Vice President, Europe / Chief Executive Officer, ACR Switzerland – DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION