Federico Barraco, Chief Communications Officer, Toscana Aeroporti
Prof. Vincenzo Butticè, assistant professor at school of management,  Politecnico di Milano
Paul Campbell, European Aviation Director Airport & Aircraft, Egis
Ayce Celikel, President, ENVISA
Natale Chieppa, Chief Executive Officer, GESAP S.p.A. Aeroporto di Palermo
Enno Eilts, Senior Partner, Oxera Consulting
Mark Friesen, Managing Partner, Quinta Consulting
Maciej Fornalczyk, Partner, Comper
William Fullerton, Chief Technical Officer, Fraport Greece
Pawel Galiak, Commercial Director, Krakow Airport
Bettina Ganghofer, Chief Executive Officer, Salzburg Airport
Stefano Guid, Human Factors & Data Science Expert, Deep BLU srl
Tina Haas, Senior Consultant, Dornier Consulting
Ulrich Heppe, Vice-Chair of the ACI EUROPE Regional Airports Forum, Chief Executive Officer, Fraport Twin Star Management AD
Olivier Jankovec, Director General, ACI EUROPE
Eugène Leeman, Liaison Officer to Eurocontrol (NM), ACI EUROPE
Niall MacCarthy, Chair of the ACI Europe Regional Airports Forum, Managing Director, daa plc – Cork Airport
Henrik Morch, Director, DG Comp, Dir F, Markets & Cases V, Transport, Post & other Services
Carlos Munoz, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Volotea
Prof. Leoluca Orlando, Mayor of Palermo
Marco Picci, Head of Business Development, SITA
Prof. Renato Redondi, Professor at University of Bergamo, ICCSAI (International Center for Competitiveness Studies in the Aviation Industry)
Professor Giovanni Ruggieri, Professor of Tourism, Economy and Researcher of Applied Economy, University of Palermo
Niall O’Connor, Director of Route Development, Ryanair
Max Schintlmeister, Managing Director, Airport ExcellenceJohan Schölvinck, Managing Director, Market Square
Barbora Smolikova, Funding Expert, SESAR Deployment Manager
John Strickland, Director, JLS Consulting