Excellent conference with a great agenda – full of topical and important issues for the airport industry. I was also very pleased that I could get the first-hand experience from various industry professionals. The conference gave me new ideas and useful tips that I can use in my daily work.

Arturs Saveljevs, Member of the Board & Chief Commercial Officer, RIGA International Airport

For a small airport like Perugia these events are important, useful and necessary. You can learn a lot and have interesting exchange of visions and ideas with other colleagues.

Umberto Solimeno, Managing Director, International Airport Umbria Perugia

A very well arranged conference hosted by Krakow Airport. The choice of venue  and an interesting and diversified program contributed strongly to a positive environment for networking and fruitful talks

Roger Estefors, Spokesperson, AER

ACI conference in Naples was a great opportunity to discuss with high level professionals and exchange on specific topics which appear as big challenges for the future. Airport management at the 21st century needs great skills and appropriate strategy, this was the perfect place to discuss in transparency and in a friendly atmosphere. 

Pierre Fernemont, Marketing and Development Manager, Lille Airport

It was a great event, packed with so much knowledge and great speakers. It was also an immense opportunity to source from a fruitful knowledge sharing among top industry peers. In the course of the event key aviation issues were tackled with an assessment of its possible impact on regional airports business. This conference is a must for all senior professionals engaged in airport management.

Paweł Galiak, Director of Aviation and Commercial Services, Kraków Airport

ACI Europe’s regional airports’ conference & exhibition allows smaller airports to get updates on news, trends and best practices in the airport community in a compact format with the opportunity to connect with peers and industry leaders. The exhibition has only selected suppliers, avoiding long days in exhibition halls, looking for the best offers.

 Giovanni Russo, Director Operations, Geneva Airport

The Regional Airports conference was an excellent opportunity to engage with the regional airport community and get a better understanding of their specific business priorities and challenges. It also gave us and our members a chance to present some of the SESAR Solutions that can help regional airports to better handle seasonal capacity issues and open the doors to new economic models. 

Peter Hotham, Deputy Executive Director, SESAR joint undertaking