Monday 11 & Tuesday 12 May 2020 – 09.00 – 17.30/09.00 – 12.00

The conference will consist of numerous high-level sessions including cutting edge presentations and panel discussions from industry leaders, top level decision makers and other airport professionals.


Monday 11 May 2020


Registration and refreshments on arrival in the exhibition area


Welcome and opening remarks by conference chair, Palermo dignatories, senior representatives of Palermo Airport, Chair of the ACI EUROPE Regional Airports Forum & Director General of ACI EUROPE


Networking refreshment break in the exhibition area


Session one: Get the global picture, preparing for turbulent times and the ever present profitability challenge

Historical patterns of recent economic cycles point to a less favourable development in the years to come, potentially representing a challenge for the airport industry to meet investment needs and accommodate strong air travel demand. What are the specific risks for regional airports and how can they brace for a better future?


Networking lunch in the exhibition area


Session two: Affordable green solutions for regional airports

ACI EUROPE adopted a new Resolution on Climate Change on 26 June 2019, calling on all aviation industry stakeholders globally too complement the existing aviation climate goals with a joint vision and roadmap towards a net zero carbon emissions air transport system. Can green be affordable and make sense for smaller airports and if so what are the specific initiatives that are being pursued?


Networking refreshment break in the exhibition area


Session three: Session three: How can regional airports get more efficient to boost profitability and viability?

Regional airports must do more with less, finding creative solutions for a better use of their stretched human and financial resources. Operating costs can be cut by cooperating with other airports.  What are the practical solutions at hand that can be implemented to guarantee increased efficiency using available resources?


Closing day remarks by conference chair

19.30 – 22.30

Networking evening at the Royal Palace, Palermo

Tuesday 12 May 2020


Session four: Inter-modality integration as a key factor for regional airport development strategies

Regional airports provide accessibility to the most remote areas of Europe, allowing every regional community to be part of the European economic and social fabric. Airports are increasingly becoming intermodal transport hubs, how is that going to affect your airport into the future?


Networking refreshment break in the exhibition area


Session five:  Getting a better split of revenue among all the airport’s stakeholders

Successful coordination and collaboration between the airport’s stakeholders is key to optimize efficiency, services to passengers and revenue. Where are the opportunities to grow commercial revenues for regional airports? With the rise of the self-connecting passenger through smaller niche hubs, how can we make this work and maximize revenues from this growing trend?


Closing remarks by conference chair


Networking lunch in the exhibition area

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